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Registered Fast Electric (FE) Boats

The following page is under construction, so check back often!

The following boats are some of the boats registered in R/CU in the 1/8th scale fast electric (FE) class. Click each picture to see a quick profile!

See something wrong in the info? Or, want to know more about each boat, or want to contact the drivers? Email the webmaster here.

1954 Wildroot Charlie.JPG
1969-71 Notre Dame.jpg
1969 Pride of Pay'n Pak.jpg
1971 Hallmark Homes.jpg
1972 Notre Dame.jpg
1973-75 Miss Budweiser.jpg
1974 U-95.JPG
1981 Captran Resorts.jpg
1982 Atlas Van Lines.jpg
1982 Gilmore Special.JPG
1983 American Speedy Printing (Blue).jpg
1983 Miss Houston (R-W-B).jpg
1988 Miller High Life.JPG
1987-88 Eliminator.jpg
2003-05 Llumar Window Film.JPG
2004-06 Graham Trucking.jpg
2008 II.jpg
2011 Graham Trucking.jpg
2011 Valken Sports.jpg
2014 Graham Trucking.JPG
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