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How to Become a Member of R/CU


Joining R/CU is a fairly simple process. Feel free to contact the webmaster at the button above and right for any questions!


  1. Join NAMBA. NAMBA is our governing body, and you must join NAMBA to fall under their insurance. R/CU members are required to have NAMBA insurance. Join by visiting and clicking the "Join Here" button.

  2. Identify a boat that you would like to register. Our Master Hull Roster on the Boats page is a complete list of every boat that can be registered in R/CU. Also, we try to keep an updated Registry on that same page, which lists the boats currently registered in the club. You simply have to select a boat that is not already registered in the club.

  3. Download and fill out the Boat Registration form on the Boats page. Send it to the R/CU Registrar, per the instructions listed on the form.

  4. Pay for your registration per the instructions listed on the Boat Registration form.

  5. Once we verify your payment and information, that's it! Congratulations, you are an R/CU member. We will send you additional information about your boat and what is expected of you. All of our rules are listed in the R/CU Rulebook, so please familiarize yourself as you build your boat. 

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