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R/CU is very lucky to be competing in the Meyers Auto Tech Championship Series, all the way since 2013.


Scott Meyers is a member of R/CU, and his former company is one of the best small businesses in the Tri-Cities (WA) area. From their website at


"At Meyers Auto Tech We Stress Maintenance. We perform all types of regular scheduled auto repair or vehicle maintenance, such as transmission, power steering, brake system, and cooling system services, as well as camshaft timing belts and 30/60/90k mile factory maintenance schedules. Meyers Auto Tech is a proud member of the ACDelco Professional Service Center program. Our technicians are ASE certified and attend ongoing training to stay current with your vehicle’s technology."


Meyers Auto Tech has a history with boat racing as well. He was the owner/sponsor of a successful 2.5 liter limited hydroplane for many years during the late 2000s, and sponsored Freedom Racing's brand new unlimited hydroplane. Brian Perkins piloted the U-21 Meyers Auto Tech during the 2007 Columbia Cup on the Columbia River in front of hundreds of thousands of race fans.


To contact Meyers Auto Tech: 1120 N. Grant Pl, Kennewick WA, 99336 (509)735-8436


Rattlesnake RC.png

Since 2016, R/CU has been powered by Rattlesnake RC.


Bill Brandt is not only a tremendous racer and contributor to the daily work of R/CU, but has been operating his store for over 25 years. Rattlesnake RC has been providing specialized R/C parts to racers around the NW and around the world now via his website,


From his website, where the store is hosted:

"We are the Racing Brandt Family. I am the father and my name is Bill Brandt.  I established Rattlesnake RC in 1990 as a hobby store to promote RC cars, both on and off road in the Tri-Cities, WA.  Although I was a local Credit Union Executive at the time it gave me a way to further support mine and my son's enjoyment of RC Racing.  At the time I had a pretty nice indoor track in the hobby store.  


In 1996 our interests moved to 1/8 Scale Hydroplane Racing.  We've loved the boats ever since we started.  At National events we also get the opportunity to race our nitro twin riggers and 60 riggers.  I've tried to have needed parts on hand for those racers that breakdown and I now continue the business in retirement.


I don't try to have everything but I specialize in supplying some unique and harder to find items at prices that meet or beat mail order. 


My family races competitively and our experience along with our trials and errors hopefully helps you out."

Want to sponsor R/CU?

R/C Unlimiteds welcomes sponsorships of any kind! We are a club committed to dedicating the spirit of hydroplane racing through our models. At every race, there are dozens of race fans, and we pride ourselves in informing the general public about our sponsors and providing a great show. We race at locations across the state of Washington, which can expose your business across the entire state.


Every year, we race at the Tri-City Water Follies in Columbia Park. As part of one of the few stops on the unlimited hydroplane tour, this race annually draws hundreds of thousands of race fans to Columbia Park. Many stop by the pond directly behind the unlimited's pits to check out our races; R/CU has been featured in many television interviews and newspaper features as a result of this.


We offer the largest following in social media for hydroplane model clubs, and we promote our sponsors across these platforms. We work with sponsors closely to maintain public exposure and to keep sponsors informed.


Various options for sponsorships include, but are not limited to: races, individual heats at races, trophies, online web-hosting, end of the year banquet.


R/CU welcomes "indirect" sponsorships as well. An example of this would be hotel discounts. With many racers travelling across the state for a race, hotels are very useful, and offering a discount for R/CU racers will result in most of those racers staying at said hotel.


If you are interested in sponsoring R/CU, please contact us and we will get back to you!

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