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A list of career points in R/CU, from 1974. Current through the 2023 season.


It is important to note that R/CU's points systems have changed slightly over the year; for the first few years of the club, points included every race of the year. As the race schedule increased to 12, 15, and now 11 races per year, the club adopted a "Drop 2" format, where points from a driver's best nine races of the year would contribute to the season standings. This was done to avoid penalizing drivers who could not make it to every race.


For every heat, scoring is as follows:

1st: 400 points

2nd: 300

3rd: 225

4th: 169

5th: 127

6th: 95

7th: 71


For preliminary heat races, if a boat leaves debris on the course without interference from another boat, it will receive 95 points regardless of finish position.


If boat A is forced dead by boat B, boat B will receive a disqualification and no points. Boat A will receive 169 points.

A list of every season high point driver and boat since 1974, for all classes in R/CU.

A list of race winners at every race competed since 1974, along with locations. Current through 2023.

This is a list of every single Rookie of the Year since 1974.

Since 2001, R/CU has awarded the high point round nose boat with a unique trophy. 

Since 1984, R/CU has awarded the Triple Crown to those who score the most points in the three most prestigious races of the year, as selected by the board.


The Gold Cup is the most prestigious trophy in boat racing. R/CU's version has run since its inception in 1974, and is the most coveted race win of the year. 

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