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Banquet Award Winners


2023 Season Banquet

Check out the photo album by clicking this link!


2023 Award Winners

Contribution Awards:  Beau Rarig for scoring assistance, Monte Hopkins for Chelan stairs in the pit area

Contest Director of the Year: The Grembowskis (Bill Muncey Memorial)

Glenn Ono Sportsmanship Award: Jim Brittain

Most Improved Driver: Conner Henriksen

Rookie of the Year: Conner Henriksen

New Hall of Fame Induction: Brian Anderson, for 150,000 career nitro points


Gas High Points Classic Roundnose: 1964 Miss U.S., Derek Pierce

FE High Points Classic Roundnose: 1968 Miss Bardahl, Randy Gosseen

Nitro High Points Classic Roundnose: 1968 Miss Eagle Electric, Monte Hopkins


Gas Triple Crown: Dave Brandt

FE Triple Crown: Henry Oord

Nitro Triple Crown: Dave Brandt


Driver Gas Points:

1. Dave Brandt

2. Bill Brandt

3. Henry Oord

4. Jim Whyte

5. Dave Brandt

Gas High Point Boat: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

Gas Crew Chief of the Year: TBD


Driver FE Points:

1. Don Mock

2. Henry Oord

3. Bill Brandt

4. Paxton Reunanen

5. Jim Brittain


FE High Point Boat: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

FE Crew Chief of the Year: Rich Matkin

Driver Nitro Points:
1. Kirk Maupin

2. Steve Kinney

3. Dave Brandt

4. Scott Meyers

5. Jim Brittain

Nitro High Point Boat: 1974 Miss U.S., Steve Kinney

Nitro Crew Chief of the Year: Jeff Snell


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