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Banquet Award Winners


2022 Season Banquet


We'd like to special guest David Williams and his wife Linda for coming over to the Tri-Cities to give some stories and insight into his career as Director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, while driving over 20 unlimited hydroplanes (and counting!).

Check out the photo album by clicking this link!


2022 Award Winners

Contribution Awards:  Beau Rarig for scoring assistance, Monte Hopkins for Chelan stairs in the pit area

Contest Director of the Year: The Brackett Family (Columbia Cup)

Glenn Ono Sportsmanship Award: Paxton Reunanen

Most Improved Driver: Brady Brackett

Rookie of the Year: Mike Henriksen

New Hall of Fame Induction: Geoffry Grembowski, for 150,000 career nitro points


Gas High Points Classic Roundnose: 1957 Miss U.S. IV, Donn Lange

FE High Points Classic Roundnose: 1969-71 Notre Dame, Marc Connelly

Nitro High Points Classic Roundnose: 1966 Miss Bardahl, Fred Olson


Gas Triple Crown: Dave Brandt

FE Triple Crown: Rob Brackett

Nitro Triple Crown: Dave Brandt


Driver Gas Points:

1. Dave Brandt

2. Jim Whyte

3. Bill Brandt

4. Mike Henriksen

5. Henry Oord

Gas High Point Boat: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

Gas Crew Chief of the Year: Jason Walters


Driver FE Points:

1. Rob Brackett

2. Paxton Reunanen

3. Don Mock

4. Jason Walters

5. Brady Brackett


FE High Point Boat: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Paxton Reunanen

FE Crew Chief of the Year: Bob Brackett

Driver Nitro Points:
1. Dave Brandt

2. Jim Brittain

3. Geoffry Grembowski

4. Paul Jackson

5. Kirk Maupin

Nitro High Point Boat: 1978 Squire Shop (U-65), Brenda Brandt

Nitro Crew Chief of the Year: Paxton Reunanen



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