Banquet Award Winners


2018 Banquet


We'd like to thank Chip Hanauer for being our guest speaker for the evening!


Contribution Awards:  Tim Hines, Jim Brittain

Contest Director of the Year: JBrenda and Dave Brandt

Glenn Ono Sportsmanship Award: Scott Meyers

Most Improved Driver: Mike Malloy

Rookie of the Year: Henry Oord


New Hall of Fame Induction: Gary Grembowski, for 150,000 career nitro points

New Hall of Fame Induction: Bill Brandt, for 300,000 career nitro points


FE High Points Classic Roundnose: 1962 Lumberville, John Earnest

Nitro High Points Classic Roundnose: 1966 Miss Bardahl, Fred Olson


FE Triple Crown: Bill Brandt

Nitro Triple Crown: Kirk Maupin


Driver Gas Points:

1. Dave Brandt

2. Ken Olson

3. Jeff Griffin


Gas High Point Boat: 1982 Gilmore Special, Dave Brandt

Gas Crew Chief of the Year: Aidyn Brandt


Driver FE Points:

1. Bill Brandt

2. Paxton Reunanen 

3. Jim Brittain 

4. David Newton

5. Jeff Griffin


FE High Point Boat: 1972 Notre Dame, Bill Brandt

FE Crew Chief of the Year: Lexi Brandt


Driver Nitro Points:
1. Kirk Maupin

2. Dave Brandt

3. Bill Brandt

4. Geoffry Grembowski

5. Fred Olson

6. John Olson

7. Gary Grembowski

8. Jim Brittain

9. Jeff Griffin

10. Paxton Reunanen


Nitro High Point Boat: 1977 Miss Esquire Products, Kirk Maupin

Nitro Crew Chief of the Year: Jeff Snell