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Sport hydro for sale

Price unknown, negotiate with owner

There is a semi-scale sport hydro, painted in the Smokin' Joe's livery, available for sale. Current owner lives in Marysville.

Contact him/her at for more details.

Scale gas boats available for sale

See post for price


See the full photo album here:


The following post is in reference to what is all for sale:


"The enclosed information is for anyone interested in scale R/C hydroplanes. The pictures show 3 of the 4 boats assembled from the plans.


The pictures show the full size plans and some rib templates. I scaled the authentic Lauterbach plans for a 1950's 280 hydro to 47" LOA.


The scale of your model is set by the cowlings and the driver's size.


A87 is an exact 1/4 scale model of a 15 year old Lauderback. My twin brother and I restored and raced it to victory in the 1965 Orange Bowl Regatta. 


Chrysler Chrew was build to go racing and the left sponson is larger for better turning, wider. The boat runs great but our lives changed and we never did race it.


The plans show how to construct the actual jig for assembly of the hull, I highly recommend using it for a true, straight, hull.


Both hydros are complete and ready to run, radio's included.


They are priced at $1400 each, plans $200, pacakge deal $2500.


My contacts are:

Phone: 631-766-5786


-- Ray Schmitt, Boise, ID"


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