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By Marc Connelly


Founded by Roger Newton in 1974, R/C Unlimiteds is the original, and most highly regarded organization dedicated to  scale radio controlled unlimited hydroplane racing in the world. R/CU races both ‘fast electric‘ (FE, 1/8th scale), ‘nitro’ (piston powered nitro-methane fuel, 1/8th scale), and 'gas scale' (piston powered gas-fuel, 1/6th scale) class boats, each finished in exacting detail to represent the full sized original. The boats are capable of speeds of nearly 60 mph and the racing is serious, and not merely a demonstration. We race on ponds all over Washington State throughout each summer, from April through September, culminating in the Gold Cup, raced on Lake Chelan.


Our facebook page is updated constantly throughout the racing season at

Our YouTube page features heats, consolations, and finals that we are able to film at

Feel free to click through the website to check out the many photos, race recaps, and videos we collect throughout the racing season!


Bob Brackett with his U-95 model in 1980. Bob, along with his son Rob, have been instrumental in starting R/CU's FE class over the past few years.

361 - 2019_RCU_Chenoweth_2108.jpg

R/CU constructs and tears down the race sites each weekend, including the drivers platform above! 


It is not uncommon to see both roundnose boats competing against more modern hulls in R/CU!

A video produced by Brian Montgomery in 2017, showcasing R/CU from his drone videos

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