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Meyers Auto Tech

Rattlesnake R/C, various specialty R/C hydro parts


Sanctioning Body

North American Model Boat Association


Other Model Boat Racing Clubs

NAMBA District 8, all R/C boat racing, Washington state, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho

ER/CU, Electric Radio Controlled Unlimiteds, 1/10th scale electric hydroplanes, in Washington state

Classic Thunder, 1/10th scale electric hydroplanes, western Washington

CWRCBoats, Central Washington R/C Boats, 1/10th scale electric hydroplanes, in central and eastern Washington


Scale Hydroplane Construction

Newton Marine, 1/8th scale plans

Rattlesnake R/C, various specialty R/C hydro parts





















M5 Performance Hydroplanes, the best how-to videos from our very own Scott Meyers!

R/C Boat Company, scale fiberglass kits for various sizes

ML Boatworks, laser-cut scale wood kits for various sizes

Accu-Tech Hardware, various hardware components for R/C boats

Thunderboat Graphics, graphics for scale hydroplanes, various sizes

Tower Hobbies, various R/C accessories and radios

AMain Performance Hobbies, various R/C accessories



International Waters, R/C Boating forum

(Blog) AMain Performance Hobbies


Bill Osborne

Chris Denslow and

Jim Clark


Unlimited Hydroplanes

H1 Unlimited, homepage for unlimited hydroplane's governing body

Miss Madison Racing

Strong Racing

Unlimited Racing Group

Graham Trucking Racing


Unlimited Hydroplane History

Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

1955 Miss Thriftway

1962-65 Miss Bardahl


Fan Sites

Unlimited News Journal

Hydro News

"Thunder the Bridge" Blog

Unlimiteds Detroit

Deck2Deck Fantasy Hydroplane Game

Hydro Nation

HydroSim, hydroplane online racing mod



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