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Champion Spark Plug Regatta

Brandt family sweeps the weekend along with Rarig in Columbia Park

All photos on this page by Digital Roostertails / Chris Denslow. See the full photo album HERE.

The 2022 Meyers Autotech Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC returned back to the eastside for a rare May visit to Columbia Park in the Tri-Cities. Normally we race here exclusively at the Tri-Cities Water Follies in July; May brought significantly cooler temperatures but a full spectator bank checking out the action!

44 boats were on hand over 4 classes to race for the Champion Spark Plug Regatta, and there were a few "regulars" missing for this one. That didn't stop those who did attend from putting on a great show, and the competition was fierce. In an effort to shorten the race day, 1/10th scale class was reduced to 3 preliminary heats and a final, and all second consolation heats were eliminated. That put a greater emphasis on the preliminary heats, and points were even more valuable than before!

1/10th Scale Electric Final

1st: 1984 Miss Prodelco, Beau Rarig

2nd: 2016 Miss Homestreet Bank, KC Andres

3rd: 1962 $ Bill, Geoffry Grembowski

4th: 1964 Miss Liberty, Jim Latimer

5th (DNF): 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Brad Lewis

All day long, the race up front was between Brad's lighting-quick Oberto and Beau, racing Paxton Reunanen's Miss Prodelco. The two had battled for the lead in all three prelims, and a duel was anticipated in the final. Unfortunately, the Oberto caught a wave wrong and stuffed, allowing the Prodelco to cruise to an easy victory.

Gas Scale Consolation

1st: 1977 Charlie's Girl, Mike Henriksen

DNS: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

DNS: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jason Walters

The three boat field quickly turned into one, as the Houston and Oberto struggled to a halt before the starting clock ticked to zero. This allowed the Charlie's Girl with rookie Mike Henriksen to advance to the final.

Gas Scale Final

1st: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

2nd: 1977 Charlie's Girl, Mike Henriksen

DNF: 1983 American Speedy Printing, Bill Brandt

DNS: 1969 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Ken Olson

DNS: 1993 Miss Budweiser (T-3), Jeff Snell

DSQ: 1978 Miss Mark and Pak, Jim Whyte

The mill had a couple of casualties, as the Budweiser found a rogue gust a flipped, while the Pak slowed to a stall in the backstretch. The anticipated battle was going to be between the two Brandt boats and the Mark and Pak. Jim Whyte appeared to have the inside lane at the start, but Dave Brandt and the Miss Rock snuck behind the Mark and Pak and nabbed the inside lane at the exit buoy of the frontstretch. The Mark and Pak moved over in response, crossing in front of the Rock and earning a one lap penalty. The Mark and Pak later was called for cutting off the American Speedy Printing and causing a crash, earning a disqualification. That left only two boats running, with Dave Brandt defending his 2021 race victory in the 2022 version.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Consolation

1st: 1975 Weisfield's, Dylan Hirano

2nd: 2011 Graham Trucking, Bob Brackett

3rd: 1989 Winston Eagle, Fred Stock

4th: 1982 Pay'n Pak, Bob Hulliger

5th: 1990 Miss Circus Circus, David Ramirez

6th (DNF): 2008 (U-5), Brady Brackett

The junior racer battle almost came, but the U-5 Formula didn't quite finish. At the end, it was still the young driver prevailing, as Dylan Hirano showed all of his elders the way around the course and advanced to the final by winning the consolation.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Final

1st: 1987 Eliminator, Bill Brandt

2nd: 2008 U-7, Rob Brackett

3rd: 1971 Hallmark Homes, Jim Brittain

4th: 1975 Weisfield's, Dylan Hirano

5th: 1968 Miss Bardahl, Randy Gosseen

6th: 1962 Lumberville, Brad Lewis

7th (DNF): 2016 Miss Homestreet Bank, Jason Walters

The always-wild first turn lived up to its billing, with the Formulaboats spinning out and the Eliminator narrowly missing. However, the Eliminator recovered quickly and built up a big lead. However, Rob Brackett gave charge, and started to eat up the advantage. With one lap to go, the Eliminator held a small one-roostertail lead. The Formulaboats looked inside and outside, but didn't quite have the straightaway speed of the Eliminator, and Bill Brandt held on to take the hometown victory.

1/8th Scale Nitro Consolation

DNF: 2016 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Putich

DNF: 1978 Miss Circus Circus, Mike Malloy

DNF: 2012 Matrix Auto Systems, Brian Anderson

DNS: 1973 Red Man Too, Mike Walcker

This heat immediately turned awkward, as the Red Man never answered the starting clock, the Matrix caught a wave and gulped too much water in the engine, and the Circus and Oberto both died early in the heat. This meant that Jim Putich was awarded the victor having travelled the furthest, but no boat would advance to the final.

1/8th Scale Nitro Final

1st: 1978 Squire Shop (U-65), Dave Brandt

2nd: 1974 Red Man, Paul Jackson

3rd: 1979 Miss Circus Circus, Geoffry Grembowski

4th: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

5th: 1974 Miss U.S., Steven Kinney

6th: 2007 Miss Beacon Plumbing, Adam Putich

Three boats looked to be the favorites, as the Red Man, Squire Shop, and Miss Beacon Plumbing all entered the final heat intent on the victory. From the start, all three looked quick, with the Squire taking an early lead. The Miss Beacon Plumbing hooked on a wave, going over a buoy and earning a one lap penalty. But out front it was Dave Brandt with the Squire Shop, holding off the fast Red Man boat and taking his second victory of the day.


May 14-15

Location: Family Fishing Pond, Kennewick, WA


Contest Director: Dave Brandt

Previous Race Winners

Race held in Columbia Park Family Fishing Pond, Kennewick, WA 2022-Present

Race held in Two Rivers Park, Finley, WA 2021

Race held in Twin Lakes Park, Marysville, WA 1988-2019

Race held in Olympia, WA 1986-1987

Current-2020: winners shown as nitro // FE // gas

-2022: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop, U-65) // Bill Brandt (1987 Eliminator) // Dave Brandt (1983 KISW Miss Rock) 

-2021: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop, U-64) // Jim Brittain (1986 Mr. Pringle's) // Dave Brandt (1983 KISW Miss Rock) 

-2020: Race cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2019-2013: winners shown as nitro // FE

-2019: Fred Olson (1970 Pride of Pay'n Pak) // Paxton Reunanen (1983 KISW Miss Rock) 

-2018: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop, U-65) // Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) 

-2017: Adam Putich (2007 Miss Beacon Plumbing) // Mike Malloy (2007 II) 

-2016: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop) // Rob Brackett (2011 Valken Sports) 

-2015: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream) // Mike Gossler (1983 Executone) 

-2014: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire) // Bob Brackett (2011 Graham Trucking) 

-2013: John Hruby (1978 Miss Circus Circus) // Rob Brackett (2011 


Prior to 2013, FE class not held

-2012: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2011: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2010: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2009: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2008: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2007: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2006: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2005: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2004: Paul Jackson (1991 The Edge)

-2003: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2002: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2001: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire)

-2000: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)
-1999: Jesse Robertson (1989 Miss Circus Circus)
-1998: Jesse Robertson (1989 Miss Circus Circus)

-1997: Bob Adderly

-1996: John Hruby (1978 Miss Circus Circus)

-1995: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)
-1994: Don Mock (1982 Atlas Van Lines)

-1993: Dave Blacksten (1986 Miss 7-Eleven)

-1992: Ron Davis (1984 Competition Specialties)

-1991: Ron Davis (1988 Miss Circus Circus)

-1990: Ron Davis (1988 Miss Circus Circus)

-1989: Terry Olding (1984 Tosti Asti)

-1988: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1987: Dave Blacksten (1971 Miss Budweiser)

-1986: Roger Newton (1984 Miss Budweiser)

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