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First time victors cap our return to Ellensburg

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After a 2 year absence, R/CU was delighted to return to central Washington with the Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park twin lakes! Mother Nature treated us right, with barely a hint of a gust over the two days. Unfortunately there were no videos, however we did have 57 boats across four classes with some crazy action over raceday. Check out our recap below!


1/10th Scale Electric (FE) Final

1st: 1963 Coe-Z-Miss, Paxton Reunanen

2nd: 1971 Pay'n Pak, Brent Edinger

3rd (DNF): 1964 Savair's Mist, Chuck Murray

4th (DNS): 1962 $ Bill, Geoffry Grembowski

The $ Bill inexplicably came to a halt prior to the race, victim to a drive dog failure. That set up a two-boat showdown between the Coe-Z-Miss and the Savair's Mist, two pink boats! This ended when the Savair's Mist flipped, and Paxton picked up another 1/10th scale victory.

Gas Scale Consolation

1st: 1990 Infinity Car Audio, Scott Meyers

2nd: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jason Walters

3rd: 1977 Charlie's Girl, Mike Henriksen

4th (DNF): 1957 Miss U.S. IV, Donn Lange

5th (DNF): 1969 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Ken Olson

The Infinity Car Audio didn't look as though it was running at 100% health, but it was still enough for Scott to coax around a top finish and advance to the final. Jason Walters gave chase with the improved Oberto and Mike Henriksen showed speed with the Charlie's Girl, but it was the Infinity that held them off for the final.

Gas Scale Final

1st: 1982 Executone, Henry Oord

2nd: 1990 Infinity Car Audio, Scott Meyers

3rd (DNF): 1986 Boat, Paxton Reunanen

4th (DNS): 1983 American Speedy Printing (Blue), Bill Brandt

5th (DNS): 1983 Miss Rock KISW, Dave Brandt

6th (DSQ): 1977 Atlas Van Lines, Jim Whyte

The heat got off to a shocking start, as the KISW Miss Rock (who was perfect on the day) never made it off the beach due to a bushing failure, and the American Speedy Printing died in the mill. All of a sudden both Brandt boats were out, and the final was wide open for the taking. Jim Whyte with the Atlas Van Lines led for the first few laps, but Scott Meyers and the Infinity Car Audio crept up from the trailer spot. The Infinity Car Audio gained the inside lane down the backstretch, and the Atlas came across the front and washed down the Infinity Car Audio, causing it to go dead and earning a disqualification in the process. This handed the lead to the Executone, and Henry Oord just had to finish the 5 laps to win and earn his first gas scale victory.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Second Consolation

1st: 1976 Spirit of Dayton Walter, Brad Lewis

2nd (DNF): 1982 Gilmore Special, Bobby Colean

The two-boat showoff never quite materialized, as the Gilmore came to a stop early in the heat. Brad Lewis and the Spirit of Dayton Walter advanced to the first consolation.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) First Consolation

1st: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

2nd: 2008 U-5, Brady Brackett

3rd: 1979 Candyman, Donn Lange

4th: 1962 Notre Dame, Kyle Hirano

5th (DNF): 1976 Spirit of Dayton Walter, Brad Lewis

6th (DSQ): 1968 Miss Bardahl, Randy Gosseen

This was a bit of a scattered race, but in the end it was Henry Oord taking the victory and advancing to the final with the Miss Houston. Brady Brackett gave charge, but the junior racer couldn't quite keep up with the Formula.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Final

1st: 1986 Mr. Pringle's, Jason Walters

2nd: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

3rd: 1985 Miller American, Don Mock

4th (DNF): 1987 Eliminator, Bill Brandt

5th (DNF): 2008 U-7, Rob Brackett

6th (DNF): 1983 Miss Rock KISW, Paxton Reunanen

7th (DNF): 1975 Weisfield's, Dylan Hirano

The run down to the first turn was chaotic, with the U-7 lifting off and flipping, and the Weisfield's barrell-rolling in response. The Miller American had the early lead and was pulling away, but caught a wave wrong and hooked inside a buoy, earning a one lap penalty. Once the judges sorted through the mayhem, it was Jason Walters who was in the lead with the Mr. Pringle's.  Jason kept a clean head through the final lap, and earned his first career R/CU victory. And yes, he did receive the traditional first-race victory swim in the lake!

1/8th Scale Nitro Second Consolation

1st: 1974 Lincoln Thrift, Paxton Reunanen

2nd: 2012 Matrix Auto Systems, Brian Anderson

3rd: 2011 Lakeridge Paving, Gary Grembowski

4th (DNF): 1976 Olympia Beer, Steve Roman

Unfortunately the Oly Beer lost radio and had a sad collision with the beach. That left three boats to fight for the final position into the first consolation, and it was Paxton Reunanen with the newly-acquired Lincoln Thrift that won and advanced to the the first consolation.

1/8th Scale Nitro First Consolation

1st: 1974 Red Man, Paul Jackson

2nd: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

3rd: 1984 Team Velocity, Mike Cathey

4th (DNF): 1974 Lincoln Thrift, Paxton Reunanen

5th (DNS): 1977 Miss Esquire Products, Jeff Snell

This race ended up a pretty tight battle, with the Oh Boy! Oberto showing improved speed and the Team Velocity running smoothly on the water. However, it was Paul's Red Man who emerged on top, advancing to the final as the trailer.

1/8th Scale Nitro Final

1st: 1979 Miss Circus Circus, Geoffry Grembowski

2nd: 1974 Red Man, Paul Jackson

3rd (DNF): 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

4th (DNF): 1978 Squire Shop U-65, Dave Brandt

5th (DNF): 1971 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Brent Edinger

6th (DNF): 1988 Miss Stroh's Light, Scott Meyers

7th (DSQ): 1966 Miss Bardahl, Fred Olson

This was another chaotic final. In the right turn the Bardahl hooked in front of the Squire Shop, taking both boats out in the process. The Country Boy flipped on the backstretch, and the Stroh's also incurred damage somewhere along the way. It was Paul Jackson and the Red Man who came up from the trailer position and had the apparent victory on the water. However, the engine cowling had come off from the Red Man, and following a conference by the race judges, this was deemed not to be a result of a penalty or racing accident. Therefore, the R/CU rule states that boats who lose parts cannot win the final and drop below other boats in the running order. This was absolute heartbreak for Paul and the Red Man, who had the speed covered to win the final. This elevated Geoffry Grembowski and the Miss Circus Circus, who had simply navigated around the debris but collected his second win in the last three races.




April 30-May 1


Location: Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg, WA


Previous Race Winners:

Race held in Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg, WA 1997-present

Race held in Elma, WA 1990-1996

Race held in Kent, WA 1981-1989

-2022: Geoffry Grembowski (1979 Miss Circus Circus) [nitro], Jason Walters (1986 Mr. Pringle's) [FE], Henry Oord (1983 Executone) [gas]

-2021: Race not held due to COVID-19 pandemic

-2020: Race not held due to COVID-19 pandemic

-2019: Scott Meyers (1987 Eliminator) [nitro] and David Newton (1993 Miss Budweiser (T-3)) [FE]

-2018: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) [nitro] and Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) [FE]

-2017: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) [nitro] and David Newton (1988 Miller High Life) [FE]

-2016: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire) [nitro] and Fred Stock (2008 II) [FE]

-2015: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire) [nitro] and David Newton (2012 Spirit of Qatar) [FE]

-2014: John Olson (1976 Miss Vernors) [nitro] and Rob Brackett (2008 [FE}

-2013: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire) [nitro] and Rob Brackett (2011 [FE]


Prior to 2013, only nitro class run

-2012: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2011: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products)

-2010: Kirk Maupin (1975 Atlas Van Lines)

-2009: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2008: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2007: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2006: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2005: Bill Brandt (1993 Tide)

-2004: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2003: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2002: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2001: Jesse Robertson (1994 Miss Budweiser T-3)

-2000: Eric Akeson (1986 Frank Kenney Toyota)

-1999: Jesse Robertson (1999 Miss Circus Circus)

-1998: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop)

-1997: Brad Lewis (1988 Miller High Life)

-1996: Rich Matkin (1966 Miss Bardahl)

-1995: John Earnest (1957 Gale VII)

-1994: Steve DeSteese (1984 Miss Renault)

-1993: Ron Davis (1984 Competition Specialties)

-1992: John Hruby (1978 Miss Circus Circus)

-1991: Norm Nordby (1984 Lite All Star)

-1990: Brad Lewis (1976 Olympia Beer)

-1989: Ron Davis (1988 Miss Circus Circus)

-1988: Ron Erickson (1983 American Speedy Printing)

-1987: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1986: David Jensen (1982 Gilmore Special)

-1985: Roger Newton (1980 Miss Budweiser)

-1984: Rick Barnes
-1983: Bill Smiley

-1982: Gale Whitestine (Tahoe Miss)

-1981: Gale Whitestine (Tahoe Miss)