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Ellensburg, WA

Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park


Located centrally in the state of Washington, Ellensburg has become R/CU's unofficial "home." Brisk winds can sometimes greet racers here, but when calm, Ellensburg is a fantastic race site. With parking right next to the pits, loading and unloading is easy. The shore offers plenty of grass for fans to sit and relax in the sun while taking in the action. The park offers two lakes, so on hot days, fans can visit the other lake to swim.

The lake is perfect size for a race course. There is a dedicated launching site, and the course is typically debris-free.

Search Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park on your favorite GPS device for driving directions. Once you enter the park, keep driving down the road until your reach the end of the road next to the ponds.

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