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1994 Miss Budweiser (T-3)

1994 Miss Budweiser (T-3)

Owner: Rich Matkin

Driver: Paxton Reunanen/Rich Matkin

Hometown: Des Moines, WA

Yearly Boat Points Info

2023: 4014 points, 14th of 34 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8901

The Miss Budweiser was the third turbine boat raced by Bernie Little's powerhouse team. It belonged to the Budweiser team until 2004. With Budweiser dropping out of the sport, it was purchased by the USA Racing Partners of Las Vegas, and ran with that team from 2006-2008 under a variety of sponsors. Scott Liddycoat last ran the boat in 2012 as the Degree Men; currently the boat is back in storage in Las Vegas.

In 1994, the T-3 ran 5 of the 8 races that brought the Budweiser team the national championship. It finished 3rd at the first race in Detroit, then won the next four at Lewisville (TX), Evansville, Madision, and the Tri-CIties.  Chip Hanauer was the primary driver; Mike Hanson took over after Hanauer was injured in a crash.

1994 Miss Budweiser (T-3)

Photo credit unknown

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