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1989-90 Winston Eagle

1989-90 Winston Eagle

Owner/Driver: Fred Stock

Hometown: Richland, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 2200 points, 16th of 34 boats

2022: 2524 points, 18th of 42 boats

2021: 900 points, 26th of 32 boats 

Unlimited Hydroplane Info

Hull #8910


The 1989 Winston Eagle, also known as the "Lobster Eagle," was one of the most distinctive hydroplanes ever to have been constructed. Designed to try and ride solely on the prop, the boat featured a distinctive skinny transom, with the traditional sponsons. Unfortunately, the design never fully worked, as the boat bogged down in the turns with the lack of a full transom.

The boat made only a few starts with Larry Lauterbach and Jim Kropfeld as the drivers. It finished 7th in Miami and Detroit in 1990, before the team opted for the backup boat. The boat was reconfigured to a traditional hull design, and continued to race for a variety of owners and sponsors into the 2010s.

1989-90 Winston Eagle

Photo credit unknown

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