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1984 Team Velocity

1984 Team Velocity

Owner/Driver: Conner Henriksen

Hometown: Hayden Lake, ID

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 2550 points, 15ht of 34 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8255

One of the most-sponsored hulls in history, the U-40 Team Velocity was born in 1982 as the U-8 Executone. It raced two races as the Executone with George Johnson at the wheel. Then for the northwest races, it raced as the U-55 Oh Boy! Oberto with Scott Pierce driving.

In 1984, the boat sported a new pair of wings and a new paint job. The boat raced as Team Velocity at the opening race in Miami. Later on the east coast swing, it raced as the U-40 and the Risley's Express. In the northwest, the team got sponsorship from Oh Boy! Oberto.

The boat finished 12th in national high points in 1984. The boat failed to qualify for the final heat in the opening race in Miami with Scott Pierce driving. It had a best finish of 5th in Seattle and San Diego.

1984 Team Velocity

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