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1988 Miller High Life

1988 Miller High Life

Owner/Driver: Bobby Colean

Hometown: Richland, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2022: Did not participate

2021: Did not participate

2020: Not held due to COVID-19 pandemic

2019: 1310 points, 22nd of 31 boats

2018: 1427 points, 22nd of 26 boats

2017: 3369 points, 12th of 18 boats

2016: 5834 points, 7th of 16 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8401

The Miller High Life first was born in 1984 as the first turbine boat for Fran Muncey's Atlas Van Lines team. The team picked up new sponsorship from Miller Brewing Company for the 1985 season, and alternated between Miller American and Miller High Life schemes. This boat ran for most of 1988 in the Miller High Life scheme, before the team added a canopy and got the Circus Circus sponsorship. The boat was run through the 90s under a variety of sponsorships.

In 1988, Chip Hanauer drove the boat. The team qualified the boat in 8 of the 9 races, with 7 in the Miller High Life scheme. They collected one win at Detroit, but inconsistency plagued the team, and they finished 9th in national high points.

1988 Miller High Life

Photo credit unknown

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