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1973-75 Miss Budweiser

1973-75 Miss Budweiser

Owner/Driver: Bobby Colean

Hometown: Richland, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 9644 points, 6th of 34 boats

2022: 6873 points, 8th of 42 boats

2021: 0 points, T-31st of 32 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info

Hull #7025

The Miss Budweiser started life as the automotive-powered Pay'n Pak in 1970, with the driver positioned in front of the engines. Converted to a conventional hull and switched to an Allison motor, the Budweiser raced under the beer garden label for three years from 1973-1975. The hull went globe-trotting and was campaigned in Australia for the rest of its life, and briefly returned to the states as the VS-21 Miss Bud in 1978. Over the course of its career under Bernie Little, drivers Dean Chenoweth, Howie Benns, and Mickey Remund piloted the boat.

In 1973, Dean Chenoweth raced and battled with the Pay'n Pak (the "Winged Wonder") all season-long. The Budweiser collected four wins in Owensboro, Detroit, the Gold Cup in the Tri-Cities, and in the ending race of Detroit 2. However, it finished second in national high points to the Pak. In 1974, Howie Benns also drove the boat in addition to Chenoweth, as the team took four victories in Miami, Detoti, Phoenix, and Jacksonville. It finished second again to the Pak. In 1975, Mickey Remund took the helm,  and collected two wins in Washington DC and Phoenix before finishing 4th in national high points.

1973-75 Miss Budweiser

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