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1971 Hallmark Homes

1971 Hallmark Homes

Owner/Driver: Jim Brittain

Hometown: Kennewick, WA

Yearly Points Finishes

2023: 1783 points, 21st of 34 boats

2022: 5780 points, 11th of 42 boats

2021: 1226 points, 20th of 32 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info

Hull #6740


The Hallmark Homes began life as the 1967 Miss Bardahl, enjoying great success immediately. The boat captured national championships in 1967 and 1968 before it was semi-retired in favor of the cabover Bardahl. The hull ran as the Miss Budweiser II in 1970, before transitioning to the Hallmark Homes in 1971.

Leif Borgesen piloted the hull through the first five races in 1971, taking a best finish of 2nd in the Horace Dodge Cup in Detroit. However, the boat was destroyed in the Gold Cup in Madison, ending the boat's career.

1971 Hallmark Homes

Photo credit unknown

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