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1968-69 Miss Bardahl

1968-69 Miss Bardahl

Owner/Driver: Randy Gosseen

Hometown: Pasco, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 3143 points, 14th of 34 boats

2022: 4160 points, 14th of 42 boats

2021: 300 points, 30th of 32 boats

2020: Not held due to COVID-19

2019: 2467 points, 17th of 31 boats

2018: 1951 points, 18th of 26 boats

2017: 5095 points, 7th of 18 boats

2016: 7145 points, 6th of 16 boats

Unlimited Info


Hull #6740

The Checkerboard Comet debut in 1967 as the first yellow/green Miss Bardahl, which was Ole Bardahl's return to the sport following the 1966 cabover design that crashed and killed Ron Musson. This version of the boat won the championship in 1967, then was repainted with the distinct checkerboard design for the 1968 season. It won the championship again in 1968, but only ran two races in 1969. It was sold and ran as the Miss Budweiser II and Miss U.S. in 1970, then the Hallmark Homes in 1971. The boat was destroyed at the 1971 Gold Cup in Madison, IN, with Leif Borgesen at the wheel.

Billy Schumacher piloted the boat in 1968, as it ran in all ten races that season. It captured four victories in Madison (WI), Madison (IN), Coeur d'Alene, and Detroit (the Gold Cup). The boat captured the championship over the My Gypsy.

1968-69 Miss Bardahl

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