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1984 Atlas Van Lines

1984 Atlas Van Lines

Owner/Driver: Don Mock

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 4975 points, 12th of 34 boats

2022: 1300 points, 26th of 42 boats

2021: 3569 points, 12th of 32 boats

2020: Not held due to COVID-19

2019: 19163 points, 1st of 31 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8401

This was one of the most distinctive boats in hydroplane history, as it was the first turbine boat for Fran Muncey's Atlas Van Lines team. Also, it marked one of the first boats to feature a reinforced cockpit, with the driver strapped in. The boat competed through the 1988 season for Muncey, when it was sold and competed under a variety of sponsorships through the early 90s. It last raced under Mike and Lori Jones in 1999.

In 1984, the team struggled with the new turbine engine. Chip Hanauer drove the boat, as it missed the first two races and made its debut in Evansville. The boat collected two victories in Madison and the Gold Cup in the Tri-Cities, but ultimately finished 6th in the national high points.

1984 Atlas Van Lines

Photo credit unknown

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