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Registered Nitro Boats

The following page is under construction, so check back often!

The following boats are some of the boats registered in R/CU that run in the 1/8th scale nitro class. Click each picture to see a quick profile! 

See something wrong in the info? Or, want to know more about each boat, or want to contact the drivers? Email the webmaster here.
1969 Pride of Pay'n Pak.jpg
1972 Notre Dame.jpg
1976 Olympia Beer.jpg
1978 Squire Shop (U-64).jpg
1978 Squire Shop (U-65).jpg
1982 Executone.jpg
1983 American Speedy Printing.JPG
1983 American Speedy Printing Red.jpg
1982 Oh Boy! Oberto.jpg
1985 Miss 7-Eleven.JPG
1983 Miss Renault.jpg
2011 Valken Sports.jpg
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