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1974 Red Man

1974 Red Man

Owner/Driver: Paul Jackson

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 5938 points, 10th of 40 boats

2022: 8962 points, 4th of 43 boats

2021: 3245 points, 20th of 55 boats

2020: Not held due to COVID-19

2019: 1420 points, 39th of 59 boats

2018: 2000 points, 23rd of 58 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #7177

This hull first debuted in 1971 as the Country Boy, which it raced as for two seasons. It came under the Red Man camp for two years, racing both with and without the vertical tail stabilizer. The boat raced through the rest of the 1970s under a variety of sponsorships, last seeing the water in 1983.

In 1974, Dave "Skip" Walther, Jerry Bangs, Jim McCormick, and Tom Sheehy all saw action at the helm of the Red Man. The boat raced the final six races of the season, picking up a best finish of 4th at the last race in Jacksonville. The team finished 10th in national high points.

1974 Red Man

Photo credit unknown

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