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2024 R/CU rules proposals

Posted 12/5/2023

By: rcuwebmaster

The 2024 R/CU Rulebook revision proposals as collected by the R/CU Board has been posted to the Members' page. Please contact the webmaster at the link above and to the right if you need the password.

The R/CU Board is asking for your opinion on these proposals to assist in determining if these proposals should be enacted. As a result, we are trying something a little different: an online comment section through the website. Please follow the instructions listed on the Members' page in order to provide your opinion. The Board thanks for your efforts in providing feedback.

If there are any questions about this comment section, please contact Geoffry Grembowski via phone/social, or email at

Save the date: March 23, 2024 at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

Posted 11/29/2023

By: rcuwebmaster

In 1974, unlimited hydroplane racing debuted its first competitive turbine hydroplane.  Howie Benns took over the seat in the Miss Budweiser.  New boats were on tap for Lincoln Thrift and Miss U.S.

Also, a small group of hydroplane and radio control enthusiasts, led by Roger Newton, founded a new racing club – R/C Unlimiteds.

2024 marks 50 years from that humble beginning and R/C Unlimiteds wants to celebrate!

Save the date of Saturday, March 23, 2024 for a celebration at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent, WA.

We want to invite all current and former R/C Unlimiteds members, racers from other R/C clubs, and all lovers of R/C and hydroplanes.

Watch this space for more information to come in the coming weeks/months!


October Tri-Annuals and upcoming yearly registration fees 

Posted 11/23/2023

Edited 11/28/2023

By: R/CU Registrar, Steve Roman

11/28/2023 EDIT: The original registry posted had some old files in the PDF that should have been deleted, so a new registry has been posted. We apologize for the confusion.

On the Members' page of the website, the latest R/CU Registry has been updated and posted. If you need the password to this page, please contact the webmaster at the email above and to the right.

Tri-Annual fees are for boats in developmental status, and are collected to ensure members are not sitting on registrations with no intent to build/race them. These fees are listed in the chart, and are due now.

The yearly registration fees are due for every boat at the beginning of the year, and are due in January. 

You can pay via the payment methods listed on the Members' page.

Any questions? Contact Steve Roman at (, or 360-870-3317).


Congratulations to the 2023 R/CU season champions

Posted 09/27/2023

By: rcuwebmaster

After a long summer, the 2023 Meyers Autotech Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC is over. Congratulations to the season champions, who bested very competitive fields to take the titles!

1/8th Scale Nitro Driver: Kirk Maupin, 13658 points

The "Iceman" finally returned to the top after a five year absence. He collected his 7th title, the first since 2018, with a 1431 point advantage over second-place Steven Kinney. He won five races, including the Roger Newton Gold Cup.

1/8th Scale Nitro Boat: Steven Kinney's 1974 Miss U.S., 13552 points

Steven Kinney's Miss U.S. collected its first boat championship, with a 883 point victory over Brenda Brandt's 1978 Squire Shop (U-65). 

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Driver: Don Mock, 15313 points

The "Ten Fingers of Doom" returned to the top after a one year absence. He collected his 3rd FE title, and 6th overall in R/CU, with a 1669 point advantage over Henry Oord. He won three races in 2023.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Boat: Henry Oord's 1983 Miss Houston, 15451 points

Henry Oord's 1983 Miss Houston collected its first boat championship, with a 1269 point advantage over Don Mock's 1985 Miller American. The boat won two races in 2023.

Gas Scale Driver: Dave Brandt, 13625 points

"Trooper Dave" backed up his 2022 title with one in 2023, with a 906 point advantage over Jim Whyte. It is his second gas title, and his 13th R/CU title. He won four races in 2023, including the Roger Newton Gold Cup.

Gas Scale Boat: Dave Brandt's 1983 KISW Miss Rock, 14425 points

The Miss Rock backed up his 2022 title with one in 2023, with a scant 205 point victory over Jim Whyte's 1978 Miss Mark and Pak. It is the boat's second gas title. It won four races in 2023, including the Roger Newton Gold Cup.

1/10th Scale Electric Driver: Brooklyn Kinney, 11347 points

Brooklyn collected her first title in her rookie season, with a 3895 point advantage over Geoffry Grembowski. She won three races in 2023.

1/10th Scale Electric Boat: Brooklyn Kinney's 1974 Miss U.S.

The Miss U.S. took the title with a dominant 5735 point advantage over Geoffry Grembowski's 2017 Spirit of Detroit. The boat won three races in 2023.

"How to become a member of R/CU" posted on resources tab

Posted 02/22/2023

By: rcuwebmaster

Interested in joining R/CU as a racing member? Check out this handy checklist that the R/CU Board has created, listed on the Resources tab here!

Video by Brian Montgomery

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