Bernie Little Memorial

Mock makes it 2 in a row for the Miller, while Olson captures 2 in a weekend

For the second race in a row, R/CU convened just south of Tacoma for a return visit to Waughop Lake in Lakewood, WA. A cloudy morning gave way to sunny skies in the afternoon, as over 40 boats were on hand to make an attempt for the Bernie Little Memorial trophy. With an eye on the upcoming Columbia Cup, this was the last time many be able to run their boats before the Tri-Cities. 

The race day did not come without carnage. We lost Steve Roman's 1983 Miss Houston due to a sponson getting ripped off. Then, in a dramatic crash, Joey Caines's 1983 Miss Renault did a spectacular backflip and landed square in the path of Kirk Maupin's 1977 Miss Esquire Products. The result wasn't pretty: the Renault's transom was destroyed, and the Esquire's sponson was sheared off. Both racers face some long nights in the shop to prepare their boats for the next race.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out setting up and tearing down the race site. And special thanks to the Lakewood parks department for assisting R/CU on such a last-minute schedule change, in this COVID-affected year.

1/10th Scale Electric Final

1st: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Brad Lewis

2nd: 1981 Squire Shop, Paxton Reunanen

3rd: 1971 Budweiser Malt Liquor, Dylan Hirano

4th: 1961 Miss Supertest, Kaden Lewis

5th: 1970 Miss Budweiser, Mason Dunn

DNS (6th): 1976 Spirit of Dayton Walther, Kelly Gruol

DNS (7th): 1991 Winston Eagle, Mike Hughes

Brad captured his third win in a row with the Oh Boy! Oberto, a super quick boat. Special shoutout to Kaden, who was making his first career race in R/CU with the Supertest. The youngster had a great run in 4th place.

Gas Scale Final

1st: 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

2nd: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

3rd: 1982 Executone, Henry Oord

4th: 1977 Atlas Van Lines, Jim Whyte

5th: 1990 Infinity Car Audio, Scott Meyers

DNF (6th): 1983 Miss Houston, Brian Packer

John Olson made it 2-for-2 in Lakewood, besting Dave Brandt and the Miss Rock to take the cctory.

1/8th Scale Electric Consolation

1st: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

DNF: 1987 Eliminator, Bill Brandt

DNF: 1982 Gilmore Special, Bobby Colean

DNF: 1976 Spirit of Dayton Walther, Brad Lewis

DNS: 1986 Mr. Pringle's, Jim Brittain

Henry Oord and the Miss Houston was the only boat to make it to the final, earning him a crucial spot in the final as a trailer boat.

1/8th Scale Electric Final

1st: 1985 Miller American, Don Mock

2nd: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

3rd: 1981 Captran Resorts, Jason Colean

4th: 1983 Atlas Van Lines, Rich Matkin

5th: 1981 Atlas Van Lines, Marc Connelly

DNF (6th): 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Paxton Reunanen

DNF (7th): 1984 Tosti Asti, David Newton

Don Mock captured his second win in a row with the Miller, while Henry came up from the trailer position to finish second. Jason Colean used the reliable Captran to grab the last spot on the podium. David Newton returned to R/CU with a new boat, but the Tosti was unable to finish the final.

1/8th Scale Nitro Second Consolation

1st: 1969 Notre Dame, Chip Dean

2nd: 1980 Miss Budweiser, Joey Caines

DNS (3rd): 2001 Miss Emcor, Gary Grembowski

DNS (4th): 1983 Miss Houston, Steve Roman

R/CU welcomed back Chip Dean, and the local racer advanced to the first consolation with the Notre Dame.

1/8th Scale Nitro First Consolation

1st: 1976 Miss Vernors, Kirk Maupin

2nd: 1988 Miss Stroh's Light, Scott Meyers

3rd: 2007 Boeing Dreamliner, Rich Matkin

DNF (4th): 1994 Miss Budweiser, Paxton Reunanen

DNF (5th): 1972 Notre Dame, Bill Brandt

DNF (6th): 1969 Notre Dame, Chip Dean

Kirk was in a rare consolation battle vs Scott Meyers, but eclipsed the Stroh's to advance to the final. The return of the Dreamliner marked a third place in the connie.

1/8th Scale Nitro Final

1st: 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

2nd: 1976 Miss Vernors, Kirk Maupin

DNF (3rd): 1978 Squire Shop (U-64), Dave Brandt

DNF (4th): 2003 Llumar Window Films, Paul Jackson

DNF (5th): 1970 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Fred Olson

DNF (6th): 1960 Miss Burien, John Gatjens

DSQ (7th): 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

It was a carnage-filled final, with only 2 boats surviving. John Olson picked through the debris field to take his first victory of 2021 in the nitro class, with Kirk coming up from the trailer to finish second.


July 11


Location: Waughop Lake, Lakewood, WA


Previous Race Winners

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Race held in Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg, WA 2004, 2006-2015, 2020

Race held in Lake Silverado, Adna, WA 2016-2017

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-2021: John Olson (1971 Country Boy) [nitro], Don Mock (1985 Miller American) [FE], John Olson (1971 Country Boy) [gas]

-2020: Kirk Maupin (1976 Miss Vernors) [nitro], Brad Lewis (1976 Spirit of Dayton Walther) [FE], Brian Packer (1983 Miss Houston) [gas]

-2019: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) [nitro] and Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines) [FE]

-2018: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) [nitro] and Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) [FE]

-2017: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop U-64) [nitro] and Bill Brandt (1982 Gilmore Special) [FE]

-2016: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop) [nitro] and Bill Brandt (1982 Gilmore Special) [FE]

-2015: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream) [nitro] and Bill Brandt (1982 Gilmore Special) [FE]

-2014: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) [nitro] and Dave Brandt (2008 Miss Elam Plus) [FE}

-2013: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire) [nitro] and John Olson (1997 Close Call) [FE}


Prior to 2013, no FE class run

-2012: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products)

-2011: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2010: Kirk Maupin (1975 Atlas Van Lines)

-2009: Steve Schmitz (1985 Squire Shop)

-2008: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2007: David Newton (1985 Miss 7-Eleven)

-2006: Scott Meyers (1994 Miss Exide)

-2005: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2004: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)