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Northwest Scale Championship

Updated schedule, posted July 18:

The trailer will arrive around 9:00 AM on Friday, July 22 to begin pit and race course setup. Open testing for all classes will last through Friday upon completion of race course and pit setup.

Saturday and Sunday will see testing from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM, with the scheduled racing for the day beginning at 9:00 AM (following a mandatory driver's meeting). See below for the schedule.

There will be a hot pits for this race, so if you are willing to bring a table for the day or weekend to use as a hot pit table, this would be greatly appreciated. 

Please contact Mike Cathey for any other questions:


Updated race format, posted June 19:


1/10th and 1/7th Scale FE classes will completed be on Saturday. Our goal for Saturday is to get in at least 2 heats of 1/8th scale nitro/FE, Gas Scale and Thunderboats. The Thunderboat class will be a 4 heat, all-points race similar to how they race in the district.


The 1/8th scale nitro/FE and Gas scale will be a best 4 out 6 heats points scored towards the connie and final. If we run short of time on Sunday it may be best a 4 out of 5. The one thing we have going for us with the race moved from October to July is that we have a lot more daylight to burn.


There will be hot pits and an on-deck area. Gary Grembowski will be the pit boss and he’s going to keep things moving, so be ready to go when you are up.


Please help out with turn judging, buoy replacement and dead boat retrieval.


We will be using the 3 minute clock we normally do for an R/CU race.


The Northwest Scale Championship Race is Back!

July 22, 23, 24


Location – Marysville, Washington at Gissberg Twin Lakes Park (north lake)


Classes – 1/8th scale nitro, 1/8th scale electric, Gas Scale, 1/7th scale electric, 1/10th scale electric, semi-scale Thunderboats (electric boats must be configured per the NAMBA rulebook)


This is a great time to make it a boat racing vacation! In 10 days, scale racers can compete in the NW Scale Race, then head to the Tri-Cites for the R/C Unlimiteds Columbia Cup and H1 Race. Not to mention a stop at the Unlimited Hydroplane and Raceboat museum just south of Seattle.


Many of the details are still being settled and check back for details on hotels and RV accommodations.

You can pre-register NOW by using the form to the left. Send it to Mike Cathey at the address on the form or email using


Participants must have a valid NAMBA membership before prior to the event.


 NAMBA safety rules will be in effect.


Questions? email Mike Cathey at

*Note this race is not a part of the 2022 R/CU points championship, but all racers are encouraged to attend!

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