Columbia Cup

Racers brave the heat in a return to the Water Follies

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After a 1-year absence, the Tri-Cities Water Follies returned with a full capacity crowd and gorgeous weather. R/CU had a strong field at the Columbia Park Pond, located about 200 yards behind the Columbia Cup pits on the river. With many fans, in addition to full-sized boat crew members, on hand, R/CU delivered some great racing action.

The test day on Friday was unique due to the conditions with the big boats. While aquatic plants cancelled all the planned running on the Columbia River, the pond was completely free of plants, and R/CU was the only one running in the park! That set up a great Saturday race, which due to the assistance of Brackett family, we were able to run efficiently.

1/10th Scale Electric Final

1st: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Brad Lewis

2nd: 1981 Squire Shop, Paxton Reunanen

3rd: 1961 Miss Supertest, Kaden Lewis

Three racers were left for the final, and it was Brad Lewis taking the victory over his son Kaden and Paxton. It was Brad's fourth straight victory in the 1/10th scale class.

Gas Scale Consolation

1st: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

DNS: 1990 Infinity Car Audio, Scott Meyers

DNS: 1985 Coor's Light, Jeff Griffin

Three of the quickest boats in the gas scale class were slated to face off in the consolation, however it was never to be as the Coor's and Infinity Car Audio did not make the start. Dave and the KISW Miss Rock advanced to the final.

Gas Scale Final

1st: 1977 Atlas Van Lines, Jim Whyte

2nd: 1974 U-95, Mike Malloy

3rd: 1983 Miss Houston, Brian Packer

DNF (4th): 1982 Executone, Henry Oord

DNF (5th): 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

DNS (6th): 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

The KISW Miss Rock had a shocking did not start, as the boat died in the mill. The U-95 and Miss Houston were called for jumping the gun at the start, handing the early lead to the Country Boy. On the second lap, the Country Boy inexplicably slowed up and died; further analysis would reveal the boat ran out of fuel! That meant the Atlas Van Lines with Jim Whyte was the only boat on the lead lap, and Jim successfully avoided the boat graveyard to take his first victory of the season.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Consolation

1st: 2011 Graham Trucking, Bob Brackett

2nd: 1989 Winston Eagle, Fred Stock

In a race between two beautifully painted boats, the Graham Trucking with Bob Brackett prevailed over the Winston, making its debut appearance with Fred at the wheel.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Final

1st: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Paxton Reunanen

2nd: 1983 Miss Houston, Henry Oord

3rd: 1986 Mr. Pringle's, Jason Walters

4th: 1987 Eliminator, Bill Brandt

5th: 2008 II (U-7), Rob Brackett

DNF (6th): 2011 Graham Trucking, Bob Brackett

DNS (7th): 1983 Atlas Van Lines, Rich Matkin

The FE final got off to a chaotic start, as the Eliminator and Formulaboats (U-7) collided going into the first turn. The Graham Trucking ran over the striken Formula, while the Eliminator also shed some parts. On the inside line, it was the KISW Miss Rock who emerged clean, and Paxton managed the lead to take the victory. Due to losing parts, the two boats involved in the first turn collision were relegated to the bottom of the order, and it was the Miss Houston with Henry Oord and Jason Walters, in his first race, with the Mr. Pringle's taking the victory.

1/8th Scale Nitro Second Consolation

1st: 1991 The Edge/Hunan Harbor, Jeff Griffin

2nd: 1983 Miss Renault, Joey Caines

DNS: 1960 Miss Burien, John Gatjens

DNS: 1994 Miss Budweiser (T-3), Paxton Reunanen

The Edge and Miss Renault went side-by-side into the first turn, but the Renault jumped over the buoy in the turn, earning a 1-lap penalty. From there, the Edge just had to finish and avoid getting lapped, which Jeff Griffin did to advance to the first consolation.

1/8th Scale Nitro First Consolation

1st: 1988 Miss Stroh's Light, Scott Meyers

2nd: 1979 Miss Circus Circus, Geoffry Grembowski

3rd: 1990 The Edge/Hunan Harbor, Jeff Griffin

4th: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

5th: 2011 Lakeridge Paving, Gary Grembowski

DNF: 1972 Notre Dame, Bill Brandt

Scott Meyers had the Stroh's Light running well all day, and he used it to stretch away from the field. Behind him, the Circus held off the Edge, but it was Meyers advancing to the final.

1/8th Scale Nitro Final

1st: 1976 Miss Vernors, Kirk Maupin

2nd: 1978 Squire Shop (U-64), Dave Brandt

3rd: 1994 Pete's Wicked Ale, Paul Jackson

DNF (4th): 1988 Miss Stroh's Light, Scott Meyers

DNF (5th): 1978 Miss Circus, Mike Malloy

DNF (6th): 2007 Miss Beacon Plumbing, Adam Putich

DNF (7th): 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

The Country Boy was called for jumped gun, then travelled over a roostertail in the left turn. It was a 3 boat race down the backstretch, with Kirk and the Vernors on the outside, Adam in the Beacon in the middle, and Dave in the Squire Shop on the inside. The Beacon faded in and missed the entrance buoy for turn 3, and this held up the Squire Shop just enough for Kirk to stretch his lead further. Kirk was able to hold on with the victory, his 5th Columbia Cup.


July 22-24

Location: Family Fishing Pond, Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA


Contest Director: Bob, Rob, and Jayme Brackett


Previous Race Winners

Race held in Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA 1978-2000, 2003-present

Race held in Two Rivers Park, Finley, WA 2001-2002


-2021: Kirk Maupin (1976 Miss Vernors) [nitro], Paxton Reunanen (1983 KISW Miss Rock) [FE], Jim Whyte (1977 Atlas Van Lines) [Gas]

-2020: Race cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

-2019: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop) [nitro] and Rob Brackett (2008 U-5) [FE]

-2018: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) [nitro] and David Newton (1993 Miss Budweiser (T-3)) [FE]

-2017: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop) [nitro] and Rob Brackett (2011 Valken Sports) [FE]

-2016: Scott Meyers (2010 Superior Racing) [nitro] and David Newton (1988 Miller High Life) [FE]

-2015: Dave Brandt (1969 Pay'N Pak) [nitro] and David Newton (2012 Spirit of Qatar) [FE]

-2014: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream) [nitro] and Dave Brandt (2008 Miss Elam Plus) [FE}

-2013: Adam Putich (2007 Miss Beacon Plumbing) [nitro] and Paul Omerzu (2008 II) [FE}


Prior to 2013, no FE class run

-2012: John Olson (1976 Miss Vernors)

-2011: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2010: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2009: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products)

-2008: David Newton (1985 Miss 7-Eleven)

-2007: Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame)

-2006: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2005: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2004: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)

-2003: Kirk Maupin (1977 Squire)

-2002: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)

-2001: Jesse Robertson (1994 Miss Budweiser T-3)

-2000: Lee Robertson (1995 Pico American Dream)

-1999: Jesse Robertson (1989 Miss Circus Circus)

-1998: Jeff Snell (1984 Oh Boy! Oberto)

-1997: Jesse Robertson (1989 Miss Circus Circus)

-1996: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)

-1995: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1994: Paul Kitano (1980 Pay 'N Pak)

-1993: John Howell (1974 Sunny Jim Jam)
-1992: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1991: Paul Kitano (1980 Pay 'N Pak)

-1990: Rick Campbell (1988 Miss Circus Circus)

-1989: Sam DeFillipps (1987 Sutphen Spirit)

-1988: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1987: David Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1986: Roger Newton

-1985: Mike Hamilton

-1984: Roger Newton (1980 Miss Budweiser)

-1983: Doug Tumilson (Miss U.S.)

-1982: Jack Haugen (1957 Thriftway Too)

-1981: Steve Benson (Miss Vernors)

-1980: Dallas Cook (1967 Miss Bardahl)

-1979: Bill Osborne (1977 Charlie's Girl)

-1978: Jess Gray