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Silver Cup

Last trip to Ellensburg brings familiar and new faces to victory circle

Racing videos from Bullet Speed and Marine available HERE

The 2022 Meyers Autotech Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC seems to be flying by, and R/CU returned to Ellensburg for the final time in 2022. Sunny and fair skies greeted the racers, as they prepped for the 8th of 11 race weekends on the season. With the points standings continuing to take shape, it was a crucial time to put the pedal to the medal in the sprint to the season finale.

We apologize for the abbreviated race report, but you had to be there to see all the action! Thanks to all who helped setup and teardown the race site over the weekend, and thank you to the Ellensburg Parks Dept. for another great season at Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park.

1/10th Scale FE Final

1st: 1970 Miss Budweiser II, Clint Dunn

2nd: 1957 St. Regis, Mason Dunn

3rd: 1968 Myr's Special, John Olson

It was a family affair for this class, with father Clint taking his first career victory in R/CU over his son Mason. Rumor has it that Clint did not receive the ceremonial toss-in-the-lake (he will receive one at the next race), and Mason chided him the entire drive home over this! 

Gas Scale Final

1st: 1977 Atlas Van Lines, Jim Whyte

2nd: 1977 Charlie's Girl, Mike Henriksen

3rd (DNF): 1964 Miss U.S. V, Derek Pierce

4th (DNF): 2014 Graham Trucking, Jeff Snell

5th (DNF): 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Dave Brandt

6th (DNS): 1983 American Speedy Printing, Bill Brandt

Jim Whyte has been chasing the Brandt family all season long, but he finally received his revenge as he grabbed his first victory of 2022 with the Atlas. Mike Henriksen finished a career-best second, with the ever-improving Charlie's Girl.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Consolation

1st: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Paxton Reunanen

2nd: 1983 Atlas Van Lines, Rich Matkin

3rd: 1973 Miss Budweiser, Bobby Colean

4th: 2014 Graham Trucking, Wayne Beeson

DNS: 2008 II U-7, Rob Brackett

DNS: 1986 Miss Budweiser, John Gatjens

Paxton out-raced his grandfather to take the advancement spot up into the final. Congratulations to rookie Wayne Beeson, who made his R/CU debut this race.

1/8th Scale Electric (FE) Final

1st: 1987 Eliminator, Bill Brandt

2nd: 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Paxton Reunanen

3rd: 1983 American Speedy Printing, Jim Brittain

4th: 1986 Mr. Pringle's, Jason Walters

5th: 2008 U-5, Brady Brackett

6th: 1969 Notre Dame, Marc Connelly

7th (DNF): 1985 Miller American, Don Mock

Bill Brandt nabbed his second victory of 2022 in the FE class, holding off a resurgent Miss Rock from the trailer spot and the new American Speedy Printing.

1/8th Scale Nitro Consolation

1st: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

DNF: 1971 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Brent Edinger

DNF: 2012 Matrix Auto Systems, Brian Anderson

DSQ: 2011 Lakeridge Paving, Gary Grembowski

Jim Brittain emerged from a chaotic consolation heat to advance to the final with the Oh Boy! Oberto.

1/8th Scale Nitro Final

1st: 1978 Squire Shop (U-65), Dave Brandt

2nd: 1971 Country Boy, John Olson

3rd: 1974 Lincoln Thrift, Paxton Reunanen

4th: 1982 Oh Boy! Oberto, Jim Brittain

5th (DNF): 1970 Pride of Pay'n Pak, Fred Olson

6th (DNF): 1988 Miss Stroh's Light, Scott Meyers

7th (DNS): 1997 Pico American Dream, Steven Kinney

Dave Brandt has been on a tear lately, and he continued his streak by taking another victory. It was his fifth victory in 2022, all in the last six races. John Olson and Paxton Reunanen rounded out the podium while giving chase.


August 13-14


Previous Race Winners

Race held in Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg, WA 2003-2005, 2010-present

Race held in Hisey Park, Granger, WA 2006-2009

Race held in Soap Lake, WA 2002

Race held in Mose Lake, WA 2000-2001

Race held in Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA 1987-1999

Race held in Kent, WA 1976-1986

Race held in Renton, WA 1975

Current-2020: winners shown as nitro // FE // gas

-2022: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop U-65) // Bill Brandt (1987 Eliminator) // Jim Whyte (1977 Atlas Van Lines) 

-2021: Race not held

-2020: Race not held due to COVID-19 pandemic

2019-2013: winners shown as nitro // FE 

-2019: Paxton Reunanen (1995 Pico American Dream) // Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines) 

-2018: Dave Brandt (1978 Squire Shop U-64) // Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) 

-2017: Fred Olson (1976 Spirit of Dayton-Walther) // Bill Brandt (1972 Notre Dame) 

-2016: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) // Bill Brandt (1982 Gilmore Special) 

-2015: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream) // David Newton (2012 Spirit of Qatar) 

-2014: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) // Bob Brackett (2008 II)

-2013: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream) // Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products) 


Prior to 2013, no FE class run

-2012: Mike Malloy (2010 Albert Lee)

-2011: Dave Brandt (1999 Pico American Dream)

-2010: Kirk Maupin (1975 Atlas Van Lines)

-2009: Kirk Maupin (1977 Miss Esquire Products)

-2008: Steve Schmitz (1985 Squire Shop)

-2007: David Newton (1985 Miss 7-Eleven)

-2006: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2005: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2004: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2003: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)

-2002: Dave Brandt (1995 Pico American Dream)

-2001: Eric Akeson (1986 Frank Kenney Toyota)

-2000: Gary Jensen (1969 Pride of Pay 'N Pak)

-1999: Jesse Robertson (1989 Miss Circus Circus)

-1998: Lee Robertson (1995 Pico American Dream)

-1997: Dave Blacksten (1988 Jackpot Food Mart)

-1996: Pat Bristol (1984 Tosti Asti)

-1995: Steve DeSteese (1984 Miss Renault)

-1994: Rocky Fridell (1987 Miller American)

-1993: Roland DeSteese (1984 Miss Renault)

-1992: Norm Nordby (1984 Lite All Star)

-1991: Don Mock (1984 Atlas Van Lines)

-1990: Ron Davis (1988 Miss Circus Circus)

-1989: Gary Jensen (1982 Gilmore Special)

-1988: Doug Tumlinson (1970 Miss U.S.)

-1987: Bill Smiley (1980 Pay 'N Pak)

-1986: Bill Smiley (1980 Pay 'N Pak)

-1985: Jerry Logan

-1984: Roger Newton (Miss Budweiser)

-1983: Ed Fisher-1982: Gale Whitestine (Tahoe Miss)

-1981: Jack Haugen (1957 Thriftway Too)

-1980: Curt Weaston (Hamm's Bear)

-1979: Bill Osborne (Slo-Mo-Shun V)-1978: Bill Osborne (Slo-Mo-Shun V)

-1977: Ron Erickson (Spirit of Dayton Walther)

-1976: Roger Newton (Slo-Mo-Shun IV)

-1975: Roger Newton (Slo-Mo-Shun IV)



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