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1994-96 Smokin' Joe's

1994-96 Smokin' Joe's

Owner/Driver: Conner Henriksen

Hometown: Hayden Lake, ID

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 6928 points, 10th of 34 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8700

The Smokin' Joe's first came to life in 1987 as the "Star Wars" Miller American with the funky canopy. The boat was reconfigured under Fran Muncey's team to the conventional cockpit as the Miss Circus Circus, then was purchased by Steve Woomer for the 1991 season. The boat raced as the Winston Eagle and was successful, before transitioning sponsorship to the Smokin' Joe's from 1994-1996. The boat coniunued under various sponsors and owners until it last ran in 2013.

Mark Tate was the pilot of the Smokin' Joe's for all three years. In 1993, the team finished 2nd in national points with two victories in Detroit (Gold Cup) and Hawaii. The team continued the 2nd place finishes in 1995, although they picked up a win at Evansville, Madison, the Tri-Cities, and San Diego. In 1996, the team finished 3rd in national high points, with 2 victories in Kansas City and Madison.

1994-96 Smokin' Joe's

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