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2024 R/CU Rules Proposals

The 2024 R/CU Rule Proposals are listed in the PDF at top. The R/CU Board is asking for comments from the membership to any or all of these proposals. In order to do this, we are trying something a little different.

If you choose, you can email comments to R/CU Chairman, Gary Grembowski, at

The R/CU Board encourages you to use a new comment system that is setup here.

At this page, you should be able to type in your comment with your name. You will be able to "like" other comments, as well as respond to others' comments. The R/CU Board encourages respectful discussion on this page, and reserves the right to remove comments that become mean-spirited to any particular person.

Please voice your opinion! Good, bad, ways to improve, or anything to assist regarding these specific proposals.

As a reminder, these rules proposals are just that: proposals submitted either by the Board or by a member. These are not guaranteed to be put into action; the Board will use this discussion to assist in determining if they will enact these proposals for the 2024 season.

Please provide your comments by January 7th, 2024.

As this is a new system, please contact Geoffry Grembowski via phone/social media or at if you notice some aspect of the comment system is not working properly.

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