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2011 Miss Lakeridge Paving

2011 Miss Lakeridge Paving

Owner/Driver: Gary Grembowski

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 8018 points, 9th of 40 boats

2022: 6386 points, 9th of 43 boats

2021: 6340 points, 10th of 55 boats

2020: Not held due to COVID-19

2019: 6141 points, 14th of 59 boats

2018: 9537 points, 9th of 58 boats

2017: 9270 points, 7th of 63 boats

2016: 6976 points, 10th of 57 boats

2015: 2553 points, 23rd of 55 boats

2014: 7205 points, 4th of 55 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #0721

The Lakeridge Paving debuted in 2007 as the U-21 Meyers Auto Tech. Freedom Racing, of San Diego, had constructed the boat, and Brian Perkins drove. Unfortunately, Freedom Racing decided to sell the boat after the initial debut season. Prior to the 2010 season, Go Fast Turn Left Racing of Maple Valley, WA, purchased the boat. 

The exact version of the boat that the model is based off of ran in Detroit in 2011. Hydro enthusiasts will note that at the previous race, the boat ran with a saltwater cowling, while at the northwest it ran with a heavily-decalled cowling. At Detroit, it ran with the conventional, base-green cowling.

2011 Miss Lakeridge Paving

Photo credit unknown

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