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1983 Miss Houston (Red, White, Blue)

1983 Miss Houston (Red, White, Blue)

Owner/Driver: Henry Oord

Hometown: Pasco, WA

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 12638 points, 3rd of 21 boats

2022: 2688 points, 13th of 23 boats

2021: 3025 points, 7th of 21 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info


Hull #8255

One of the most-sponsored hulls in history, the U-40 Miss Houston was born in 1982 as the U-8 Executone. It raced two races as the Executone with George Johnson at the wheel. Then for the northwest races, it raced as the U-55 Oh Boy! Oberto with Scott Pierce driving.

In 1983, Fred Leland took over the cockpit and the boat was returned to its familiar blue and white scheme. Leland drove the boat for the first six races of the season, then it became the U-100 KISW / Miss Rock and finally the U-40 Miss Houston. This paint scheme was at the UIM World Championship in Houston, where the boat did not finish.

The boat finished ninth in national high points during the 1983 season, with a best finish of fifth at the Atlas Van Lines Cup in Romulus, New York.

1983 Miss Houston (Red, White, Blue)

Photo credit unknown

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