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1974 Lincoln Thrift

1974 Lincoln Thrift

Owner/Driver: Dave Englehart

Yearly Boat Points Finishes

2023: 1867 points, 14th of 21 boats

Unlimited Hydroplane Info

This boat was designed almost identically to the Miss U.S. by Ron Jones, and both boats debuted in 1974. Powered by a turbocharged engine, the Lincoln Thrift competed for two years under that sponsorship, before transferring ownership to the Squire Shop team. The boat was transformed into a modern hull and last raced in 1993 as the Miss Tubs.

In 1974, E. Milner Irvin piloted the craft. The boat attempted to compete in 8 of the 11 races, and had a best finish of 3rd in San Diego. The team finished 12th in national high points.

1974 Lincoln Thrift

Photo credit unknown

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