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Champion Spark Plug Regatta race report is posted

Posted 05/27/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

The Meyers Autotech Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC returned to Finley for the third race of the 2024 season. Check out the full race report, including a Hall-of-Fame addition and some spectacular crash footage here!


Bill Muncey Memorial race report is posted

Posted 05/16/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

The Meyers Autotech Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC had a blustery day in Ellensburg for the second race of the 2024 season. Check out the action with the full race report here!


Looking for help for prospective new member in Oregon

Posted 04/24/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

We received an email from a prospective new member in Astoria, Oregon. Todd Breda writes:  "I have a 1/8 scale 1982 Pay N' Pak that was recently built for me.  The setup is electric but I need someone's help with experience to help me finish it up to become RTR.  I don't know much about hydroplane electric setup.  I have everything I think I need.  Motor, ESC, rudder, fin, Futaba radio and a receiver but I just don't quite know how to put it all together to run the boat successfully.  I could really use someone's help with the knowledge of these FE boats."

Along with the resources available at our Links page, we'd appreciate if any R/CU members (particularly in Oregon) would reach out to Todd at


Returning for 2024: the Meyers Autotech  Championship Series Powered by Rattlesnake RC!

Posted 04/01/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

For the 12th consecutive year, R/CU is thrilled to have Meyers Autotech as the presenting sponsor of the Meyers Autotech Championship Series and R/CU! Meyers Autotech was previously owned by R/CU member Scott Meyers, but continues this day as one of the best small businesses in the Yakima Valley. Located in Kennewick, Meyers Autotech has established themselves as an amazing local mechanic, specializing in everything needed to make your ride comfortable. See more information at

But that's not all!

For the 9th consecutive year, R/CU will be powered by Rattlesnake RC! Locally owned and founded by Bill Brandt, current member in R/CU, Rattlesnake RC is the leading online store for specialty R/C boat parts, particularly for scale hydroplane racing. For anyone constructing and planning to race R/C boats, Rattlesnake RC is your go-to for all those niche products that you can't find anywhere else. Check it out at


Technical proposals as voted on the Board

Posted 01/22/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

Using the feedback provided by the Membership, the R/CU Board has announced the following results of the technical proposals. Be on the lookout for a 2024 Rulebook for all classes to be posted soon.

Fast Electric

Proposal #1 – Forward Motion

Proposal #1 was passed unanimously.  The rules will be updated that if a FE boat stops prior to picking up the score up buoy, they will be disqualified from the heat.  Also, if a FE boat stops on the course, they must regain forward motion prior to the last place boat finishing.


Proposal #2 – Rewinding of Stock FE Motors

Proposal #2 passed unanimously with enforcement using option #1.  It will be illegal to rewind a stock approved FE motor.  Enforcement will be handled with the existing rules and process for measuring motor output.


Proposal #3 – Addition of NEU 1527 1.5Y 815KV to approved motor list

Proposal #3 was tabled with no action taken.  The Board felt it was unnecessary to add this motor to the list.  The motor already qualifies under existing rules.


Gas Scale

Proposal #1 – expand max cc to 34.99

Proposal #1 was tabled with no action taken.  The feedback from membership showed no support for this change.  The current max cc remain in place.


Proposal #2 – Air holes limited to 2 square inches

Proposal #2 was rejected unanimously by the Board.  Air holes will be limited to as they appeared in the real boat.  No additional air holes will be allowed.


In addition, the Board voted in favor of trying a change to the start procedure.  It will be tried at one race during the year and announced well beforehand.  The start procedure will closely mimic current H1 rules.  Start lanes must be established at the entrance pin to turn 3. (Current H1 rule).  There will be no lane changes between the entry pin to turn 3 and the start line.  In addition, there will be no cutting of the course following the 30 second mark.


New R/CU logo to celebrate 50 years

Posted 01/16/2024

By: rcuwebmaster

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024!

This is a big year for R/CU as it is our 50th season as the premier scale R/C Hydroplane Club in the world.

Special thanks to Matt Johnson who has created our special 50th anniversary logo, which will be featured proudly on our website and across our social media channels.

"How to become a member of R/CU" posted on resources tab

Posted 02/22/2023

By: rcuwebmaster

Interested in joining R/CU as a racing member? Check out this handy checklist that the R/CU Board has created, listed on the Resources tab here!

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